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Het Koninkrijk

The Kingdom of United Marches is forged in the heat of battle. It unites all kinds of tribes, with rich merchants and wise leaders to become one of the many nations in the Dream. After the fall of the first City of Dreams, Kingsmarch, the capital, welcomed refugees and the Guilds of many nations.

In the aftermatch of the fall of the first City of Dreams the pressure increased on the population of the Kingdom. This led to many tensions between the people. A part of this popluation decided to take their own path. Regretably, they saw their land of origin become occupied by dark forces because the new leader was not prepared to defend his territory.

Thus a new nation was born. The Kingdom of United Marches was ruled by His Majesty Ozmo Drakwulf I as a souvereign and unrivalled leader. He is supported in this endeavor by his faithful nobility, soldiers and citizens of the different Marches, a fluent bureaucratic system and smooth merchants. The Kingdom seems to be prepared on everything that can happen in the coming Dreams.

The biggest and most well known is the Royal Marches, the capital of the nation: a rich and powerful territory. The country has a direct connection with His Majesty and is protected by the Royal Guard. They city also known for its merchants and efficiant administration.
There are rumors that there are hidden tunnels and doors in and under the city. It is in these passages that lovers meet, treasures are hidden and assassins stay in the dark.
The dark forces have left their mark on the Royal Marches. The problems caused by The Great Fall still way heavy on the international relationship of The Kingdom.

The real power of The Kingdom lies with The People of the Wolf and its militairy branch: The Wolfguard. They are proud that His Majesty, one of their own, still wears the colours of The Old Clan.
The March of Wolfsgarth, their home, was a land of rough barbarian clans that fought internaly for power, but wise clan leaders brought unity. Time and contact with other nations brought civilization. With hard work and dedication came richness and wealth and welfare. Tradition and honour binds these clans to a people would never be broken again. Those with a serpent's tongue still speak of the idiot Wolfsgarth and its barbaric, warlike natives. Few are those that dare to say this in the face of a Wolfsgarther and fewer still are those that leave unharmed after this grave insult.

In the south lies a port with a cunning reputation in the March of the Sea: Novindus. A diverse mix of citizens can be found here: merchants, visitors, refugees and criminals. In this coastal town you can find everything, be it goods and services, legal or otherwise. On almost every courner of the many streets, you may find an inn, bar, brothel, guild and merchant. It is here that fish, information, jewels, assassinations, poisons and even authentic, honest goods are for sale.
De afstand van de rest van het Koninkrijk, een vreemd gevoel van nostalgie en zogenoemde traditie zorgen ervoor dat de situatie stabiel blijft. Menig gouverneur heeft reeds geprobeerd om een greep op Novindus te krijgen. Een nieuwe wet, waarvan de details nog te bepalen zijn door Zijne Hoogheid, zou gokken en prostitutie legaliseren. Zo probeert men de machtstrijd van de vele organisaties onder controle te krijgen, of minstens een deel van de winst krijgen via belastingen. Er zijn ook plannen om de belangrijke gebouwen van de stad en de haven te vernieuwen.
Een ondernemende jonge edele probeert de inwoners en inwijkelingen te overtuigen om samen doelen te bereiken en een cultureel en samenhorigheidsgevoel te ontwikkelen. The weg van en naar Novindus is lang en de zee is, zoals steeds, mistig. Zo mistig dat Markies de Pomeroy de sleutels van de stad doorgeeft en zich terugtrekt om geiten te hoeden. Gelukkig neemt een nieuwe jonge kracht de uitdaging aan om bestuurder van Novindus te worden, ondersteunt door de adel van Novindus, de Novindianen en Zijne Majesteit.

De achtergronden van de inwoners van het Koninkrijk van de Verenigde Marken zijn zeer divers, maar ze delen allen toewijding aan het land, haar leiders en hun plichten. Allen die ons willen leren kennen krijgen een warm welkom, zij die handel willen drijven vinden alles wat ze zoeken aan een eerlijke prijs, diegenen die ons willen schaden ondervinden de macht van ons legers